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Full Moon III


Rio de Janeiro, 16th of March 2014


The performance per se here never happened. This Moon was called 'Nataraja- Dance of Reality'.


The event took place at the Shamanic Temple of Rio de Janeiro.

We served vegetarian food, had a reiki initiate offering free reiki and crystal balancing, and I invited a collective that performs sound journeys, Coletivo Crystal, healing sound experiences, all under the Moon.

There was a troupe of 4 other artists, (visual, circus and dance), performing throughout the event and Vixugô was providing the music.


A 'performance' never happened. There was a darker counterpart to the night that only the cast saw but was later aluded to in Full Moon VII.


Very few visual records from this Full Moon. 


Very bright night in very low light:



























of April, 2014


In this Waning Moon I was invited to make an apprearance in a concert where they were reading one of my poems, 'Fator de Risco' used for soundtrack in Full Moon II. I had been doing some research on the 'Heyoka' figure, (the Native American Sacred Clown) and chose to play with that concept there.




















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