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Full Moon X


Rio de Janeiro, 8th of October 2014



Coming back to Rio with an Eclipse to do was an exciting time.

Having been there with the Full Moon Project before I had a group to draw from that had experienced a Moon with me before.


This time I took on both a Live performance in a beautiful and large space called Olho da Rua with an ensemble of over 10 musicians and artists as well as the filming during the Eclipse hours that happened starting from the Moon set in Brazil. It was not seen it was felt.


It was the largest 'company' I had had to date and was to have for awhile. For filming I had 2 people with me and invited to other friends to read my cards that were to suggest what ritual I was going to fulfill that morning.


That same night we performed as an ensemble for the for the Full Moon. 

Below you can see the video of the live performance that night and some pictures from the Eclipse shoot:


























Photos and video by Marcelo Hallit and Tay Nascimento

Rezm awakes, Fmx eclipse, tay.jpg
Stones&feathers CU fmx.jpg
BabaYaga Tree out focus, tay.jpg
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