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Full Moon VIII


New York City, 10th of August 2014


New York was again a destination for Full Moon VIII to close my collaboration with Create Collect and a few beloved artists from the collective and beyond.


On the New Moon I was invited to take part in a piece by Karl Leone and Bryan Meador at the New York City Poetry Festival in Governor's Island called Transmutation Spiral.

Karl invited me on board as a Reflective or Mirror being, much like the nature of the Moon.



26th of July, 2014

Transmutation Spiral, i-coverage



























Full Moon VIII, 8-10 of August, 2014 

Octopy Æther, at La Tiendita de Marsinha


For this Full Moon I teamed up with Marina Silva, a.k.a. Marsinha and Create Collect to Octopy a Gallery space on the Bowery, by the New Museum called Parasol Projects.

This was the largest endeauvour yet in terms of structure, number of collaborators and themes.

Marsinha had created a store front, La Tiendita de Marsinha, which was to run from 11 to 6pm until it turned into a gallery/performance space from 6-11pm where I would alter and/or invade the 'shop'.

I divided the three days of events into Black, Grey and White.



DARK AS NIGHT, 8th of August , 2014


For this Performance evening I created an installation simulating a black out room where I would be laying on my couffin, while a screen recording retraced my first and last steps into the realm of internet personal encouters, and my first recordings of a Full Moon Ritual, which were more erotic in nature and recorded through my webcam.


I had two 'entities' or performers with me, that had the power to awaken or summon me at roughly the top of every hour, other than that I lay still in corpse position.

When awoke I would invade, or Octopy the shop with dance, until I was brought back to my resting place.

These two performers were Karl Leone and Nettie Chickering, both responsible for the New Moon event I had been invited to participate in earlier this Moon.




























WE ARE GREY, 9th of August, 2014


For the Saturday event I invited artist Jimena Montemayor of Jimojunk and film maker Daniel Coimbra to do a Live Performance Shoot.

The story is that Jimojunk would start infecting my body with her plaguas, white on one side and black on the other side of my body, all the way until I was fully covered, and the overlapping turned me Grey.

We preapared the stage where the artists had to find a flow between live performance, live paint and live recording, trying to dance on the balance between a 'shoot' and a 'live performance'.

You can check out the video by filmaker Daniel Coimbra below:




























WHITE IS RIGHT, 10th of August, 2014


To close the weekend on a purifying note, White is Right was an afternoon of YogArt.

I took my first Yoga class at the age of 12 I believe, and like all other aspects of my life I wish to transcend and change them consistently. YogArt is a place where I take teachings from many lines of Yoga and turn it into something fluid mixing in elements of dance, chants, circus, Tai Chi, martial arts, or whatever else is appropriate depending on the space and the level of the attendees. 

Yoga to me is 'Union', All, so everything I do or have ever done concient of this unity, is Yoga. The Art part comes in breaking the more 'tradionational' methods and approaches to accepting or feeling this Unity by bringing in other ways to experience the same feeling.

We did not film the class which was a pity. This is also a work in progress. It was the first class I taught under the title yogART.


























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