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Full Moon VI


New York City, 13th of June 2014


New York is a city I know well.  This was the first Full Moon Festival and it was entitled 'Vav- exploring the connection'. Vav is the hebraic letter '6' and in sacred geometry it revers to the bridge between the lower and upper realms, I was interested in exploring that connection.

It was created in collaboration with Create Collect and a few artists of the collective.


On the New Moon we did a get together to mark the circling of time.





RE|GENESIS- Transformance, 12th of June, 2014


A Performance involving the questioning of the creation and consolidation of gender.

It is a strip tease from suit to lingerie.























Pictures by Jimojunk




RE|GENESIS - Transformance, 13th of June, 2014


The rain caused an early closure of 'transformance', so I made a performance using the strip/transformation concept the next day, still under the Full Moon. Here is a record of that performance shot by Andressa Furletti and soundtracked by Zaj Williams:


























ART PEREGRINO, 13th of June, 2014


Into the night it was time for 'Art Peregrino'.

Here in an effort to look at the city through a different time frame I made a crossing of the Williamsburg Bridge, usually a 20 min walk, in a vey slow pace. 

The bridge is used daily as a highway for commuters from both sides that move through it as fast as possible.

The walk took me just over 3 hours, the video is sped up 20x and features a song from my beloved Elephant:






























And lastly for the closure of the first festival, I was invited to perform at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn for the Full Moon on the 14th. Northside is a festival promoting music, art and technology that happens on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, BK.


For this performance I conceived a performance marathon, where with only what I could carry I would 'perform' without interruption for 5 hours, seeking to understand what is 'performance' and when am I 'performing' and can I switch it off. I invited Andressa Furletti to open the day with me.

Here is some footage and photos from that experiment by Tim Min for Create Collect:



























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