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Full Moon VII


Miami, 12th of July 2014


Miami hosted Full Moon VII, exploring the Blue Hand. The Blue Hand is the 7th glyph in the Maya Calendar, it came to me in very obvious and understated way.

It is said to be a gateway onto a next level of understanding, or a next stage, and it definitely felt that way.

This Moon was also conceived in collaboration with Create Collect

77 Drops was hosted by Create Collect and artist extraordinaire Deon Rubi





Wynwood Walk, 7am, 12th of July, 2014


This day began in the morning at 7 am, in accordance with the Full Moon time.

This was an animated talk through Wynwood using its famous murals to illustrate our tale of rotation, cycles and the occult powers or influences of the Moon, as well as concepts like Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Below is a rough collection of images from that morning Moon. 



























77 Drops, 7pm, 12th of July, 2014


We then met again to watch the Moonrise and experience the performance called 77 Drops.

In India there are tales of how they used milk to bring statues back to life. Marrying that imagery, a private ritual mentioned earlier in Full Moon III, the number 7 and the Blue Hand resulted in 77 Drops.

This is an endurance piece where the audience enters the prepared space one by one, picks a white or black candle, places their offering on the altar, and drips a drop of wax onto my nude immobile body. They then pick up a rune from the chainsmoking dj'ing Oracle seated next to me.


The 77th Drop awakes me from my statue like trance.


This is an excerpt from the performance that in total lasted about 3hrs with a consistent influx of audience.

Semi explicit content.











































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