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Full Moon IV,  Total Eclipse I


Mexico, 15th of April 2014


I started in Mexico City for the New Moon then headed to Puerto Escondido for the Eclipse.


This Eclipse was the first of a tetrad, which is a total of 4 eclipses 6 months apart, and it kickstarted the porject that will follow this progression.


I am to create a video project with footage almost solely gotten during the time of Eclipse from these four occasions, therefore the video will not be done until the tetrad is complete.

Below you can see the coverage of the preparation by artist/photographer Carolina Pimenta, long loved collaborator and a teaser from that night of shooting during the Elcipse hours:


























Photos by Carolina Pimenta

Models Elsa Gil and Anastasia Fugger


























Camera Anastasia Fugger  

Light Carolina Pimenta

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