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Full Moon XI


Lisbon, 6th of November 2014


After 10 Lunar cycles I was back to where I had started. This time, having done a few iterations before, I knew what it was I wanted to put forth. 

I invited a few friends and collaborators form past Moons to create the Full Moon experience with me.

Janis Dellarte, Beli, David Gonçalves, Harry Speake, Mash Yan, Mikael Coimbra and Gonçalo Magalhães were co creators of this experience at Giv Lowe, a gallery space in Cais do Sodré.


I created a long script and produced original musicis along side Mikael and Gonçalo. Also started to play more structuredly with the rhythm and pace of the whole experience, figuring out a curve that fit the phases of the Moon.

I divided the event into the 4 phases of the moon, each with an increasing or slowing rhythm/tempo accordingly. Together with the soundtrack we created an instalation in the space that was to be changed and messed with throughout the performance:





































Video captured by David Gonçalves

Poster by Beli and Rezm Orah

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