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Full Moon I, Lisbon

Full Moon XII, Berlin

Full Moon XII, Berlin






Cathartes Aura Tour or the FULL MOON project is a year long study of how my life would change at a quotidian level were I to live by the Lunar Cycle.


So every Full Moon I was to make a ritual or Celebration and record my findings in an artistic format, be it videos, pictures, music or what may.


The project was half complete January 2015 except for the BLØØD MØØN 's that were be completed in September 27th, 2015 when the last total eclipse of the tetrad that started in 2014 took place.


These were the cities and countries I performed in with the FULL MOON project:


Lisbon, PT - Full Moon I and XI

London, EN - Full Moon II

Rio de Janeiro, BR - Full Moon III and X (Blood Moon II)

Mexico City, MX - Full Moon IV (Blood Moon I)

Lima, PE - Full Moon V

Vilcambamba, EQ - Full Moon V

New York City, USA - Full Moon VI and VIII

Miami, USA - Full Moon VII

Belo Horizonte, BR - Full Moon IX and XIII

Berlin, DE - Full Moon XII


Every location brings a new challenge and new requirements. The idea is always to collaborate with local talent, generating a result that can reflect the environment it is in.


Some involved more installations, others less, some more music others less, some more healing, others less, some more dance others less, some more explicit, others less, and I am still being surprised.


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