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Full Moon XII


Berlin, 6th of December 2014


And there I was to close the year in a city I had only been once before and did not know where or whom I was to do the last Moon of the year with.


Synchronicity was on my side at this point. After arriving in Berlin I discovered that 2 of the participants in the first Rio Full Moon were in Berlin, and another 2 girls that had seen or heard about the project and were interested in taking part were there and willing also.


I met up with a musician I had also met in Rio 9 Moons ago, Julian Quack, and what began as a meeting of 2 brought together 8 musicians by the end, playing over a set created with specific tempos and rhythm, mixing electric and acoustic instruments.


The space that hosted our experience this time was Agora, a cultural center of sorts in Neukolln.
























Video captured by Jens Vandendriessche

Poster by Rezm Orah

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