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Full Moon IX


Belo Horizonte, 8th of Spetember 2014


Bringing the project for the first time to the town of my birth was both delicious and nerve wracking.

I came across a friend that had just closed a deal on a house that was to host her future tea house. The house was a mess and needed intense renovation. So before she tore it all down I asked her to use it as the setting of that Moons ritual.

Drawing on what the house was to become we both decided to use the ritual as a pre-opening, and I went on to do my take on a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.


It was a magical night. I was once again reunited with my  vulture feather nails that had stayed behind in my home town.


The video was captured by friend photographer and video maker Marcelo Hallit at 'Chá Comigo' to be in Belo Horizonte:













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